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We want to ensure that your experience in our clinic is smooth and comfortable. We’ll examine you with care, and determine which treatment plan is best suited to your particular needs and preferences.

First-timer? Don’t worry: we’ll give you extra special care. New to Canada? That’s our specialty. Figuring out insurance and treatment plans when you move somewhere new can be extremely stressful — at Centre Dentaire du Plateau, we will take care of the paper work.

Dr. Saul Barchichat, ICOI fellow (International Congress of Oral Implantologists), received his diploma from the University of Montreal in 1991, and has been practicing dentistry ever since — both in Canada, and abroad. He keeps his practice up-to-date with advanced courses in all areas of dentistry, in order to provide his patients with the best possible care.

Our services

Through periodic visits + follow-ups to eliminate tartar and plaque, is key.

– Detection + treatment of underlying inflammation.
– Detection + treatment of traumatic occlusion.
– Detection + treatment of gingival recession (receding gums).
– Detection + treatment of dentin hypersensitivity.
– Detection + treatment of bruxism (teeth grinding during sleep).

– Detection + treatment of poor dental fillings.

– Food impaction treatment between teeth (contacts to avoid inflammation and gum pain).
– Prevention of tooth decay.
– Porcelain veneers (both for esthetic purposes + the alignment of anterior teeth with a minimum thickness of .3mm).
– Teeth whitening.
– Digital radiography.

Aesthetic crowns made of zircon are available in cases of fracture, insufficient space, or if the presence of precious metal under the porcelain is undesirable. At a minimum, an aesthetic filling will be used to rebuild the tooth.

– Dental implants (in the majority of cases, this is the treatment of choice).
– Dental bridge to replace a missing tooth.
– Removable dentures (with chromium-cobalt metal base).
– Dental implants for retention of dentures.
– Mini dental implants (when the bone crest is too small for regular implants).

– Wisdom teeth removal.
– Removal of teeth affected by cavity or gum disease.
– Dental implants.
– Treatment of congenital deficiency with or without recession, or hypersensitivity of the dentine where the enamel is absent.


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